Construction Supplies

Building Tools & Materials

Through the use of our supplies you can rest assured that you will work in a proficient and efficient manner. At our Zebbug-based store you can find a selection of items that will facilitate your construction ventures from a variety of brands.

A Selection of Construction Materials

We provide our clients with a steady supply of concrete buckets, road construction equipment, cones, barriers, safety equipment, shuttering panels, concrete mixing tools, shuttering beams and building props. We also hold a range of generators, converters, industrial loading ramps and site fencing materials. 

We hold a selection of safety equipment, scaffolding solutions, shelving supplies, tubular construction items, air compressors, ladders and storage solutions. At our store you can also find a steady supply of garage equipment, air compressors, pneumatic and handheld tools and power accessories and equipment

Scaffolding Solutions

Reaching high spaces is of immense importance, especially when it comes to construction and restoration work. With us, you will be able to do so in ease and safety. We hold a choice of apparatus and accessories designed to help you work in an efficient and secure manner.

  • Cuplock Scaffolding
  • Tubes
  • H-Frame Systems
  • Couplers
  • Lightweight Scaffolds
  • Scaffold Tags
  • Roof Walkways
  • Indoor Scaffolds
  • Cantilever Scaffolds
  • Aluminum Systems
  • Lifters
Safety Equipment

Heavy Duty Ladders

Whether you need a ladder for your home or one to perform a range of construction-related duties, at our store you can find anything that you need for your projects. Our range of ladders are made using strong materials including fibreglass, steel and aluminium.

  • Step Ladders
  • Domestic
  • Combination
  • Multipurpose Ladders
  • Double-Sided
  • Articulated Ladders

Air Compressors

At our store we provide our clients with a wide array of air compressors designed for a multitude of uses. These tools are a great way of circulating air and converting a range of different power sources into pressurised air. They can be used to fill car tyres, atomising paint and to operate a choice of tools including drills and air hammers.